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Located in the small village of Nelsonville, Wisconsin, Baysek Machines was incorporated in February of 1995 in Amherst, Wisconsin, to perfect a rotary anvil - flat die cutting method to bridge the significant gap between traditional rotary and platen die cutting. The Nick-Free, Multiple-Out, Baysek die cutting method is designed to conquer difficult jobs that traditional rotary and flatbed die cutters struggle or fail to efficiently accomplish.

Shear Cut, Fully Automatically Strip Waste, Accurately Count and Neatly Stack simple one-outs to complex multiple-outs at the easy touch of a computerized screen with only ONE Operator. Up to 60,000 100% perimeter cut pieces per hour, free of nicks, angel hair and dust, exit the machine in orderly finished units ready for shipping preparation, load after load...

Stack More...Staff Less

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